My name is Loïc, I’m naval architect, photographer, travel lover, passionate of windsurfing, mountain snow addict, curious about life in general. I start  travel at 6 years old, living on a sail boat with my parents during 2 years. Just show my photographic works was not enough to reflect all the passions , funny things and nice karma people I met. That’s why I create this blog, to share you as best as I can all that things, give you access to some of my product that I think can help you to prepare as best as possible your travel, share memorable stories ( with good and sometime bad adventure !) , interview amazing people I have meet, put spot light on a place I loved, share with you my network and partner in the travel, fashion and luxury world and if some of you want to improve their photography technics I will month after month programming some photo lessons.

Leave me comments on what you want to know, where I can help you, may be I have an idea or an experience I can share you.

Mahalo, Loïc    (picture above was in NY, courtesy Almundena)

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