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A surf shop in the heart of Manhattan

A little pearl in Soho : Saturdays NYC surf shop


Retro-vintage surfboard, seventies spirit, resin’s tint glass, in short you are in a surf shop in SoHo, in the heart of Manhattan and there are no false notes. The shop is cool, there is a small backyard where you can ask for a cup of coffee and enjoy that close to a board’s rack with New York old building around you. It’s smell wax and you are in one of the best neighborhood of New York.

Inside of course it’s full of gorgeous clothes, books of surf, skate. There are of course longboards skates, trusters boards also and all of this is not anachronistic because you can buy a board, take the subway and one hour after your are at Rockaway Beach, the New York surf spot.

If you’re shopping in Soho and want a break, here is it. The backyard is an invitation to chat with others side tables, meet new people or simply get a book or plan the rest of your afternoon.

31 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10013

web site :

Coffee Bar:
Monday-Friday 8:30am – 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am – 7pm

Retail Store:
Monday-Sunday 10am – 7pm