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Travel to the far North ?

What checklist does I need to do to go to the far North?

Makes it cold in summer and how to dress?

Is the polar pants is mandatory or essential?

I heard it’s essential to take canister of teargas for prevent polar bear, what do you think?

Is it necessary to take one, two or three camera photos?

Rackets ski they are essential even in summer?

J-2 and my ski socks are still not dry, I’m afraid! Has anyone ever experienced this kind of anxiety?

Should I bring a box of sardines to try to have new seals friends at risk of being overweight checked baggage?

Option 2: I take the sardine in carry-on baggage, you have feedback?

The stewardesses are they tolerant with option 2?

How to communicate with a Viking?

Someone has a little experience with Eskimo elsewhere in the cinema?

Is there civilization north of England?

Your comments are property comes, it will help me prepare for my next trip! And more very soon in the next episode!

I add a bonus video, it’s a special trick in case you have your hand frozen and you can’t use them to put your trouser (thanks Caroline to send me this idea):