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Miami international airport


Looking to flight to MIA, go to Miami beach or find a public transportation to go from Miami airport to down town ? Here can be a good way to start. Check the links to find more details and ideas. Suggest are always welcome! 

Main things to know :

  1. The Miami international airport is also know as MIA and historically Wilcox Field
  2. One of the best airport I have been!
  3. Secure and very easy place to take a flight, no stress, everything is well organize.
  4. Airport is at height miles (13 km) northwest of downtown Miami. So don’t put you in the rush with short time book off the hotel but don’t stress with traffic jam and all adventure you can have on road, you have just 13 km do drive !
  5. You are in USA in an international airport, so there is lot of shop, coffee, and all things you can need as cash, taxi, public transportation
  6. Take a look at the air control tower : very very inspired by the Star War – Imperial Star Destroyer !

Map :

Miami Airport map

Transportations :

  • BUS
  • TAXI

Airport codes :


 What the airport deserve ? 

Miami International Airport has flights to Americas and Europe ( cargo & passengers) and cargo’s flights to Asia. MIA is one of the only six U.S airports to accommodate the Airbus A380 jumbo jet! This is south Florida main airport.

 Shopping in MIA : 

You have 6 big terminal

Flight-radar :

Want to follow or search a plane ? Waiting for someone or waiting a flights ?

Just look here! 🙂 Click on a plane and you’ll have all information on a plane, including a little photo of the plane! 🙂

credit : www.flightradar24.com


If you need more or simply to be sure my informations are update, please refer the official website of the airport here :


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Historical bonus 🙂 MIA at origin!

Pan Am Key West first terminal


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