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Discover Lisbon and Portugal with Filipa Monteiro !

I’m very happy to present Filipa Monteiro. We have worked together two times.

First one was in Cascais few hours before I crossed Atlantic with a multihull, a very improvise and crazy shooting as I like ! I found the place half an hour before start the shooting ! Filipa is incredibly professional and we work very fast. The second time we were shooting was in a secret place in Lisbon … A little palace that I’ll share you my experience soon !

Hi Filipa ! And thank you for this interview. Can you present a bit yourself  and since when are you modeling ?

Hi Loic ! It’s a pleasure for me giving you a little interview about me, myself and my work as a model. So, I start modeling at 2007, with eighteen years old when two photographers saw my self-portraitures and thought that I’d be a good model J ! I do self-portaits since my fifteen years old and it’s a pleasure for me taking pictures for and from myself too J. It helped me doing the photosessions because I can modeling better, doing a great facial and corporal expressions with great poses J !

What are your best remembering of shooting ? A special shooting , a special runaway or a funny adventure ?

My best remembering of our shootings are in the « Pergola House’s chambre » with great chairs, great view, lovely bedrooms and I loved Loic’s camera hehehehe because is analogic and I never been shooted with an analogic Hasselblad ! So, I’m very proud of me and Loic for did a great work J !


What are your favorite photographer ?

I can’t say I have just one favorite photographer…but, my best photographers or favorite ones are Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Greag Kadel, Helmut Newton and David La Chapelle. They have very specific styles and types of works and all of them are great professionals and I love their work ! J


Have you a special picture you like ?

Yes, I love a Mario Testino picture with a girl and a Chanel fragrance where she’s drinking the parfume hehehehehe !

Something about our shooting ?

It was very exciting,sometimes intriguing because Loic is very specific and wants specific and special things, analogic, a little boudoir and fine art too J.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers?

My favourite Portuguese model is Sara Sampaio. I think she’s a great model and started a great career in the best place that is New York City! My favourite international model is Adriana Lima, a brasilian model that is a sex bomb!! Ahahahaha I love her! I’d be like her when I have 30 years old ahahahaha.

One place you can recommend in Lisboa to shoot glamour ?

I love Pestana Palace hotel! It’s very charming and beautiful. It’s a nice place to shoot and I never shoot there before. In Porto, you have Infante Sagres hotel that is excellent in every way you can image !



Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogues do you visit most often?

I love Vogue, GQ, Maxim, Elle, Happy. And I most visit fashion websites and some portuguese fashion clothes websites. Catalogues I always liked Intimissimi, Golden Point (great photos), Jacadi (for kids), Calzedonia, North East Polar, Reverie, Salsa Jeans, Pepe Jeans and Tiffosi.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

Modeling was great to have more experience in doing poses and getting better works (facial and corporal expressions). It was good to improves myself and my fashion preferences. I grew up like person and professional in working with very type of photographers and photography styles.

What kind of modeling you prefer? What photo style do you prefer?

The area I most like, is Glamour J.  I love the senses that a glamour woman can transmit just with her face! I’m not talking about her body! The glamour is in the facial expression and not just in the body! I love works with production (make-up artist, stylist, hairstylist, a good post-production). Everything makes a good picture J

Let’s speak about your country. Can you share few things you  recommend to do for a foreign person that have never been in Lisboa ?

I recommended Baixa Pombalina in Baixa-Chiado, to visit historical monuments and some of our gastronomy too.

Your bests Lisboa’s spots :

Confeitaria Nacional, Suíça pastelaria, Sé de Lisboa (cathedral), Castelo de São Jorge (Castle), Pastéis de Belém (gastronomy), Palácio da Ajuda (Palace), Museu da Electricidade e dos Coches (Museums).

Your best place to take a coffe in Lisboa :

Confeitaria Nacional or Hemingway (Cascais).

Your best place to have a diner in Lisboa :

Brasserie de L’Entrecôte in Baixa-Chiado or Parque das Nações

A place or a part of the city you recommend to go for shopping ?


Something you recommend to do at night in Lisboa ? What is the best day to go outside at night ?

Friday’s and Saturday’s are the best in Plâteau or Lux discos ! J

Have you a favorite place to go to the beach in Portugal ?

Yes, I love Costa da Caparica beaches. I think that ones, Ericeira and Guincho ones are the best of Portugal !

What was your favorite travel ? I didn’t travel a lot so, I didn’t have a best travel yet !

One special adventure you want to tell us ?

My best adventure was in a camping…when I was scout hehehehe !  ( we never know more … )

Where do you dream to travel ?

I’d love travel to Praga !

And last question : what is your secret to keep healthy ? 

My secret to be healthy is doing exercise, when I can…I do some type of sports, like swim and run that’s what I most like 🙂

Thank you Filipa !