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Tahiti sharks

 Swimming with sharks in Tahiti …

During my last travel I dived at the White Valley, one of the best place to see sharks in Tahiti.

Description of the White Valley diving :

Sand spit located at the end of the colon, you thrive on twenty meters in a world of more coral preserved. Bench trevally, gray reef sharks, black tip sharks, barracuda, White Valley will be part of one of the finest diving in Tahiti.

Many of the sharks are grey sharks or black tip sharks. We can’t see sharks are friendly but these kind of sharks can be observe without danger. They are more afraid of you than you. Just don’t keep with you a bloody fish.

If you are lot of persons during the diving and if you want take picture of sharks I recommend to be at the fore front of the group or at the back of the group. When you are at the back of the group it’s quite fun because you can see sharks are curious and when you look back you can see they follow you ! ( that’s good to look at back sometime also just in case ahahah ! )

Before dive at White Valley I suggest to speak a bit with people about tiger shark. When I was there and because of sharks feeding there was a tiger shark coming some time. Just be aware and speak with professional divers. Black tip sharks or grey sharks are not dangerous but the tiger shark is in the family of the bad boys. In Tahiti sharks are not excited because they found lot of natural food so it can be a big chance to see a tiger shark. I recommend to do these diving with professional.

There is many diving spot. You can find White Valley on my map. Look at my dive map of Tahiti. White Valley is just at north, north west of Faa’a.


Tahiti dive map